Monday, July 2, 2012

Lemony-Tahini Kale Salad

It it H-O-T in St. Louis. It's been H-O-T for the past week, and will continue to be H-O-T for the next week. I want to live in my sports bra and gym shorts. In fact, I want to live in my refrigerator.

Friday, June 29, 2012


After I finish NROL, I'm planning on continuing with some variation of 5/3/1 power lifting routine. Until then, 5/3/1 is going to be my cop-out list post when I have nothing to say and have done absolutely no cooking for the past two weeks. I had bad Vietnamese take-out for lunch and dinner yesterday. With white rice. It seemed like a good idea for short amount of time I took to wolf it down. Much less so when I tried to work out that night.

I will be better this weekend. Except for the beer tasting tomorrow. Oh yeah, and tacos on Saturday. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

...and we're back.

An apology is in order to my imagined readers for the long, unannounced vacation. My dad was in town (and my adviser was out of town), so somehow sitting on my computer for an extended period of time didn't sound very appealing. Suffice it to say, adventure was had (outside! in the sunshine!), primal (and no-so-primal) food was eaten, and I finally got to work out with a buddy. Some highlights are below!

Monday, June 18, 2012

How to ruin (your taste buds for store-bought) mayonnaise forever

I was never been a big mayo-eater growing up, preferring to dress my sandwiches with creamy peppercorn salad dressing (I was weird). In fact, it wouldn’t be far from the truth to say I actively disliked mayo both in texture and taste. It just seemed so unnatural. I recognized the ingredients, understood the gist of its creation, and yet how could something yellow and something transparent form that opaque, white-ish goop.

Let me tell you, I have witnessed magic. And it was delicious.